What Does Balance Look Like In Your Life As A Busy Woman?



Do you often end up the day feeling frustrated and tired?
You didn’t do half of what you set out to do but seemed to be busier than a bee.
You had a to-do list.
You had worked out what you were going to eat.
Then life got in the way.

You grabbed some fast food cause you ended up so hungry you almost ate the paper bag it came in.
Then you ended up at the grocery store because there was nothing for dinner.
And the day went on and on, till you ended it beating yourself up for the things you didn’t do.
What if it didn’t have to be like that?
What if there was another way?
Something I discovered a few years ago was when I end up like that at the end of the day it’s because I don’t have balance in my schedule.
Here’s a nugget for you.
When you have more than 3-5 tasks on your to-do list for today you are most likely not going to achieve them.
Then you feel frustrated.
Try keeping that list to 3-5 tasks and see how good you feel when you accomplish what you set out to do.
Oh, and don’t forget to factor in when you eat and when you get a break.  Find time to read that book, have that coffee and make that salad.
Life’s short.  We don’t get out alive.
Live it to the full!
Find balance, find your joy and happiness again.
Have a wonderful day!
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