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What happens when you turn the tables and you get your power back!

Sometimes you are zooming down your road in life and it is a dream.

Sometimes it is not.  There are potholes and crazy drivers that annoy you.

When those times happen it is very easy to throw a tire, so to speak, and get stuck or held up on your journey.

At that moment, thoughts come like, “why did this happen to me?”  Of course, that thought leads to another then another then 100 more in a matter of seconds.

What if at that moment you ask yourself another question.  One that said, “What can I learn from this?  What is the universe teaching me here?”

Getting stuck with angry feelings, and a brain flooded with negative thoughts can derail you.  Most of those feelings are fueled by some sort of fear.

Fear of failure, in relationships and goals that you want to achieve.  Fear can and will derail you if YOU let it.

At my last retreat, which was amazing, most of the women who attended had dreams and goals they wanted to achieve, but, and that is a BIG BUT, fear of putting themselves out there was stopping the results they really wanted.  Fear of change, even fear of success!

I remember a time when I was a foster parent and I had to say goodbye to a child who had been with us for about a year and a half.  I didn’t want to say goodbye.  I had a lot of negative feelings surrounding her new placement and wondered why she had even come in the first place.  When she left to go to her new placement, I told her that if she wanted to find me in the future, I would still be here.  She was nine when she left.  I had been her “mother” for about 18 months and in that moment of her leaving I was left wondering why she came.

Some short nine years later I received an invitation to connect on social media, shortly followed by a card in the mail requesting our presence at her graduation.  Nothing ever went wrong, in fact, the time she spent with us was crucial in forming her future life and how she wanted to live it.

Even when we think life has led us down a wrong path, there are always lessons waiting to learn in midst of confusion and losing our way for a short time.  There are two things to remember in times when we feel a little stuck and can’t seem to get ourselves back on the road.  You can stay where you are, or you can take a look around and see what road, or door is presenting itself right now, at that moment.

This old car is definitely stopped in its tracks and if you keep focused on the rust and the blocks that are stopping it from going anywhere, you miss the fact that there is life around it.  A big old tree, lush and green and the ocean in the distance, ebbing and flowing, holding life and joy in its expanse of cool water.

There is always a door that is right in front of you, calling you to move forward.  When you start to take all that energy back from the situation that is keeping you in negative thoughts and pay it forward, you will begin to move away and start to find what’s in your future and leave the past where it belongs.

I know you have desires, but do you believe you can achieve them?  That’s a very important question.  We all want things and have deep desires, but belief in yourself is imperative to achieving what is burning in your heart and soul.

When you believe yourself, everything is possible!

Have a wonderful week full of goodness!!!

If you want to talk about your desire factor meeting your belief in yourself go here!  I would love to give you a complimentary coffee chat and see just where your desire and belief are not working together!






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