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What Life Are You Creating?

Today I had to have a shot, like a needle shot.

And, no matter what good thoughts I had about it, I was cringing right up until the last moment.

You see, I have a not so good knee from years of sports, running, and mostly playing tennis on a soaked clay court.

My knee got torn up and three surgeries later it can bother me from time to time.

I’ve had to have this shot twice before and it worked like magic, but the catch was who injected it.

The first time my amazing Doc did it and the second time, his nurse did it. You’d think there’d be no difference, but wow, she wasn’t quite as skilled as he was.

So, knowing this was probably the outcome of my visit today, my brain was throwing all sorts of thoughts at me about pain, discomfort, and did I really need this relief?

I had to calm those thoughts down and begin to tell myself another story. Like, so what if it was a little painful, it would be over in a few seconds and it would relieve my inflammation. I talked to my brain all the way to the appointment and was in a much better place mind wise to take the pain hit.

Do you know what happened next? My awesome Doc gave me the shot and there was no pain, not even a bit of discomfort.

I not only stopped the unnecessary worry thoughts that were coming, but I attracted and created the exact appointment that I wanted.

I also know that if there is a next time, I will not be hesitant in asking for my Doctor to give the shot. If you don’t ask, you cannot receive what it is you want.

If I had chosen to keep on with the worry and negative thoughts, I wonder what would have been the outcome? Even if it was the same, just think of all the unnecessary negative thoughts I would have entertained, and not one of them would serve me well in the situation, regardless of the end result.

So, what are you creating in your life from worrisome thoughts? What can you do to change them and attract and deliberately create exactly what you want!

I would love to gift you my new Ebook, “Find Your Focus,” which will give you insight as to how your subconscious mind is your real power and how you really are in charge of choosing what you think!


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