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When life stuff happens and you don’t know your next move!


So you are cruising along and everything is fine.

The job is great, marriage or relationship is great, kids are great etc!

Then out of the blue, a hiccup, or a ditch, or a freaking head-on collision.

This happened to me a lot as a foster-adoptive parent.

Life was tricky day today.

As a business owner and a mother of twelve, oh yeah!

Life is a journey.

Life is full of challenges that are not always clear on how to tackle them.

Sometimes, they hit me out of left field and knowing how to handle each situation can cause confusion.

The “fog” can overcome anyone and then our eating is in a “fog,” handling a relationship is in a “fog,”  in fact everything is sort of in a fog.

The “fog” hovers over what needs changing to meet the current challenge we’ve been given.

This “fog” can actually change our lives for the worse.

When we “fog” eat?

Disaster!  Suddenly we gained 10, 20 or more lbs that we don’t want because of “fog” eating.

When we go into a “fog” about our relationship or ex-relationship, we cannot think straight.  We under illusions about what is really happening.


Cause we are in a “fog!”

A fog is defined as a cloud or mist you cannot see through.

Do you relate?

If you do and want to know more about how you can get out of the fog go here!

Be “fog” free!!






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