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When Overwhelm Isn’t Just a Word, It’s a Reality!

Do you get overwhelmed?

Spinning around in circles and not knowing where to start?

That has certainly happened to me!

Do you know what overwhelms you?

Is it your to-do list?

Or getting a deadline in on time?

My overwhelm comes from a messy house.

But, the overwhelm comes from a thought first.

So what is my thought?

“The house is messy, I don’t know where to start!”

If I let that thought take hold that’s when overwhelm spirals into a big downward emotion that leaves me upset.

Not only am I upset, but, I didn’t get anything tidied!!!!!!!!!

All that happened was I let my feeling of being overwhelmed take over my thoughts and they drove me towards feeling more and more overwhelmed.  This ends up in crying and blaming something or someone.  It is draining emotionally and a total waste of time.

I am learning to be mindful of where my feelings come from.

If I can change the thought before the feeling, I can choose a much better result or outcome.

So next time when something is really sending you into a tailspin, you feel overwhelmed because of a situation, or something someone said that you really feel hurt you, find your thought behind that feeling.

Is there another thought you could have so you don’t have to become so overwhelmed?

I challenge you to practice this, it works!

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