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When You Don’t Know That You Can’t, You THINK YOU CAN!

Twenty six years ago, January 26 1991, Australia Day, I landed in the USA with my amazing hubby and four kids.  We all shared a half a suitcase with what we thought we needed.  The rest of our stuff, clothes, furniture, my piano, was supposed to be here.

It was not.  It all came three months later.

We came on a promise, a dream, a word, a vision from our God.

Amazing hubby walked out of his office one day and said, “How would you like to move to America?”

I know I whooped, ran around the room and did not hesitate.

I had visited Rog in Ohio just before we got married in 1979.  He was there on a contract, a computer software contract.  I fell in love with America.  I felt at home.  I was welcomed for my ideas, my innovative and unique ideas.  Originality was, and is, both myself and amazing hubby.  He was asked to stay then, in 1979, but it was wrong timing.

Every season has a reason, and it arrives in God’s time.

I write music, spiritual music, which is not a big market in Australia.  If I hadn’t been moved to the USA, I’m not sure anyone would have heard what God called me to write.

If amazing hubby had not moved, no one would have understood his brilliance, and innovative ideas.  Our children would have not married their intended, for better or in some for worse.  But, I quote me, Kate, my words inspired by God.

Every season has a reason, and it arrives in God’s time.

We moved, with four kids, a dream, no prospects, but lots of ideas and lots of music.  We knew we could do both.  Never doubted, even though God knows we had a lot of doubters.  I don’t know why we never heeded any of it, only, we had a dream, a very big dream, given by God and we were going to follow our dreams.

We never believed we couldn’t do it!

We didn’t know for one minute we wouldn’t!


How many voices are in your head saying “you can’t, it’s impossible, you’re in debt, you’re single and have no money” and on and on.

I’m saying it straight here.  Neither of our families thought we should do it.  Lots of reasons, lots of negativity, lots of anything they could think of, but we were impervious to it.


I never understood the Law of Attraction back then, and there’s a lot of hype and stuff out there about it, but I look back as Christians, understanding God, and know we were following the Law Of Attraction without understanding God made that law.  It is in effect whether you understand it or not.

We attract what we believe in, and implement in our life.  Not, having an idol, but believing in what you are called to do, and that covers a heck of a lot of things that I could go on, and on, and on about.

What are you believing?  Cause that’s what you are attracting.

You want do change some of those belief systems?

I have, more than once.  Every time for the better.

Oh wow!  Do you know what it is like to have someone say something bad about you, or dislike you, or have someone they call a “hater” on your personal social media or in person?

I can say I have experienced that more than once.  I used to be sick to my gut, but, no more.  I am almost shocked sometimes that there is no reaction, but that is about understanding the underlining Laws that God put in place.  One of them being allowing, in other words, unconditional love.

So much more to tell you, but, another blog.

If you want to know more go here.

When the light bulb in your head goes off, you really do see and feel the light.




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