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When You Realize You’ve Been Here For How Long?

I understand putting off, or procrastinating.

Done it, been there, got the medal for it.

Is this where you are?

It’s easy to hide in your story.

Ok what’s a “story?”

It’s the excuse you have been using for procrastinating.

Is it weight?  Mmmm.  You’ve been eating this way for too long.

It’s comfortable.

Is it your job?  Mmmmm.  A dollar is a dollar why change it? (Even though you hate it.)

Is it coming out of hiding behind your desk in your own business?

Mmmmm.  Doing busy work?  Everything you can except DOING IT?

I  could go on and on, but why you are in this place is the same thing regardless of reason.


Change is hard.

Change is scary.

Getting out of your comfort zone can be really uncomfortable.

And that is the least of the feelings or thoughts you are having.

So, what if you did change the roundabout you are on?

Would the earth move under your feet?

Would the sky fall in?

Would you experience joy instead of sadness?

Would you find “YOU” again instead of that other person who keeps talking in your head?

That other “person” is the immature inner child.

The one that got hurt.

The one that ate for comfort.

The one that ran away from problems and put a smile on to hide your feelings.

If you are tired of being in the same place for so long, I have a something for you.

Complimentary, on me, on the house.

So go here and begin to find your future.  The one you imagine yourself in.


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