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When Your Belief Turns Into Reality



It’s sometimes puzzling how all things come together.

Just got new head shots, (ie. photos for acting work,)  well a couple of weeks ago, but just got the ones I chose.

On top of that I have been undecided about going to a special meeting called “MasterMind” for my life coaching.

Indecision has come from 1. Graduating senior from high school (who gave me permission to go) and 2. Okie dokie, it’s Mother’s Day. With twelve children, there is more than one mother here.  A bit rude to disappear.

But then, mulling it all over, my gut says “NO”.  So I cancel.

I feel immense relief but am not sure why.  I really wanted to go.

Then, can I just say WOW!

This morning, first thing on my FB page is an old post from two years ago today.  I am saying how I will never give up on on my dreams in the entertainment industry, and the film industry.  I believe I had just started in film at the time, and had been cast in an independent film.

Next WOW!

I am informed that very independent film is having it’s world premier in Madrid, Spain, at a notable film festival, just ten days after my event I cancelled.  I could not have gone to both.  Both financially and  responsibly with regards to my large, but wonderful family.

Now, putting all that aside, I am here to tell you keep dreaming.  Dreams do come true if you will just allow them to.

Allowing means, don’t fret.  Don’t worry.  Don’t constantly chase, just know.  Know and allow that those dreams you have put out there are being taken care of, by God, by the Universe, by you allowing them to take flight and come to fruition.

I started dreaming when I was four.  That’s a pretty long time ago considering I am now sixty-five.

I have had many people along the way tell me I would never achieve my dreams.  I never believed them.  I believed in my heart that if those dreams were put there, and I worked really hard to be the person who could achieve them, had the talent, and honed the ability, then they would come true.

Dreams “drop” in your lap when you are ready.  When you have honed your skills, paid your dues, and are able to walk into your hearts desire.

I want to share something here that is important about dreams.  You have to dream them, prepare for them, and allow them to come to fruition in their time.

They come when you have allowed them to.

If you would like to know more about the “Law Of Allowing” or unconditional love, then please join my email list.  Or contact me for a free fifteen minute conversation where I can explain just how this works.

Last note here.  I allowed this to happen!!!  Whoopee!!!!!



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