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When Your Crisis Becomes Your Opportunity

I’ve had a lot of  Plot Twists in my life.

So what’s a Plot Twist?

It’s when life suddenly changes without permission.

When your circumstance becomes something you did not expect.

When life throws you a curve!

Divorce! Job change! Kids left home! Wow, I’m “x” heavier than I want to be!  I want this new career but don’t know how to get it! I’m striving so hard why can’t I get there?

Life Plot Twist!

Well we think of it as a crisis.

In every crisis that I can name, there was an opportunity waiting.

I remember, in particular, one young lady, who is now grown with kids.

I won’t mention her name, but she rolled from crisis to crisis.

At the time I am sure she did not recognize this.

She was drinking too much to cover the pain, and eating too much as well.

She was blaming every situation other than her own choices.

She was maybe, 19 or 20 at the time.

She wasted a lot of emotions, time and energy dwelling on those thoughts.

I was not a Life Coach at that time, just a mum with a shoulder and some life advice.

What is your situation?

What is your crisis, or plot twist,  that you are finding hard to deal with?

All of the people that I helped over the years,  had issues they couldn’t see, but didn’t like where they were.

Trust me, I’ve been there too.

I’ve not seen the “value” in the crisis, only the turmoil and what it was doing to my life at the time.

But……. there is value in the “CRISIS.”

The Chinese say the word Crisis is the same word as opportunity.

Do you think you want to be doing exactly the same thing you are now in thirty years?

I personally don’t think we THINK that far ahead.

But I have evidence in older family members who are doing the same thing more than thirty years later.

What does 2018 look like for you?

It looks like a great adventure for me.

Do you want me to help you find out just what you can do in 2018?

Lets do it together!

Go here for more information.

When life throws you a curve, a plot twist, a change without permission?

Lean into it!!!

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