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When Your Song Doesn’t Sing Anymore


Well oh crap!  You have these beliefs, but ah, you don’t see them as that.  They are just patterns, or stuff that happened in your life.  But, they are not the cause of where you are.  No one understands this, just you.  People try to tell you maybe that’s what you are “thinking” not what is possible, but you have been so down trod you don’t understand.  You think they are trying to impose their thoughts, or beliefs, or what has happened in their life, on YOU!

You don’t think of this as a “story” but it is.  Your story is misery, non acceptance, something always happens to you, makes you this way, like give up on life, not believe in God, etc., etc., etc.,

I write this from a very passionate place.  You see I was once like you.   YES!!!  Me.  I was you.  I could not see my way out.  I did believe my mother hated me, my world was turned upside down, God hated me, it was all their fault!!!!!!  But, a small voice, which I did not recognize at the time knew differently.

If you are still reading this, you are brave, you want out of the merry go round and round and round.  You want to see past this.  This is not a judgment, this is about timing.  The time when you see, when you have had enough, when you don’t want to go round and round the pit any more.

This is not just a blog tonight, but an epiphany  for some people who are reading this.  You are at this crossroad of believe or not believe.  Which one is it?  You want to stay going round and round this mountain?  Do you want to focus on the future?  Do you want to get out of the mess?

Then I have a solution.  It may not be for you.  You may not fit into this category.  You may just be in the dumps, (Aussie for being down) but you may be going round and round and round the tree and going nowhere.

But do you want to?

Go somewhere else?

I know you have to earn a living, but

What if?

What if there was something so much more?

What if you never thought past where you are?

What if you allow your thinking to expand?

Not to earn money, just to expand?

What if?

Let that sink in, what if?

I cannot explain all of the changes that have happened  in my own life, but I do know without a doubt, it is about how you are THINKING!!  We cannot change situations, or circumstances, but we can change how we think about it.


Yeah, I get that, been there done it.

If you want to change.  Then this is your chance to try.

You want to sing a new song?


You can.  Because if you say so, it is.

The Law Of Attraction says it is so.

The Laws that God put into place says it is so.

The Laws of the Universe says it is so.

What do YOU say???

I Can or I can’t?

Whatever you say it will be true.

So why not say I can instead of I can’t?

What is holding you back?

What resistance is there that makes this infuriating?

What resistance is there that is confusing you?

Just say I can.




Can you believe instead of doubt?

Can you do that?

For a second, for 68 seconds?

If you can do that you will change your mind.

Try it.

It Works!

Just 68 seconds of thinking of going forward.

Like, I can, I will, I am, I am in the process of…

Will you try it?

I hope so, cause this will change your life.

If you would love to know how this can change your life by signing up for a free one hour coaching session, I would love to blow your mind away with all of the possibilities.

Just click here and sign up.  No obligation, just a chance to find out what is ahead.

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