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Where Do Your Desires Come From?



I always thought my desires came from my heart.


Because  God of the Universe says “I’ll give you the desires of your heart.”

But, where did they come from?

Where did they originate?

They ended up in my heart, but where did they start?

Well some would say my mind.  But how did they get there?

A thought, or thoughts, flowed into my mind?

So, ok, my heart tells my mind my new, or pressing desire.

But, who or what told my heart to tell my mind.  Confusing?

Not really.  No unusual answers here.

You see we are made up of mind, body, soul and spirit.

So, my body can’t think, but my mind can.  My soul is my personality.

The spirit is God within me.

So if my personality merges with the spirit, or God within me, what happens?

Ah, communication between the soul and the spirit, or God within me.

What if we all understood that?

What if we actually tried each day to communicate with the spirit, or God within us?

How would that affect our thoughts?

How would that affect our actions?

How would that affect how we feel everyday in every situation?

Good question.

Is this where desires of the heart are birthed?

If it is, and I know it is, then how powerful can your life become when you understand this.

What if you woke up every day, and took a little time to get in touch with the God within you, the spirit, and the desires that have been birthed into your soul?

What if you acted upon those desires, birthed from within?

Can I say here that those desires are already real, they have been given to you from God within.  They become the desires of our hearts, but don’t let them stay there dormant.

If you take action, and put these desires into motion, you could just change the world, or your small world, or a friends world, or a child’s world, and on and on.

So many times we tell ourselves we are not enough to carry out our desires so we push them aside.  Every time that happens someone is not blessed by the desire placed in your heart that cannot come to fruition without action.

What if instead of saying we are not enough, we affirm our ability to carry out the desires that have been given by the God within.  The God of the Universe who is trusting you with His desire.  The one who placed this in your heart to change our world.

Receive the desires put in your heart by the spirit, God,  and be abundant in every area of your life.  Be a blessing and receive all your blessings.



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