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Why do we keep striving, even to the riduclous?


There is a bible verse that says, “cease striving and know that I am God.”

Whatever you believe in, that is relevant.

Why do we strive?  Like without ceasing, never being content?

What are we trying to attain by striving?

Striving means to struggle or fight vigorously.  Why?

You see, if you are in what I would like to say “wise mind” there is no struggle, or fight.  You are in a “right” place.

When I was in my forties, I suddenly had a passion, that even may have been an obsession, about my body.  I had to be the fittest.  I lived at the gym.  I power worked out.  I began running, all sorts of physical activities I had always done, but now to a height that was almost in frenzy mode.

I watched each tiny thing I ate, I counted calories, I was pretty dang hot to tell the truth.  I never felt it was a burden because it was an obsession.

When the first foster kids came along, well, can I tell you that sort of indulgence and obsession was not able to be maintained.  You see, they threw up, like vomited, after about thirty minutes in the car.  I would just pull into the gym and dang, there it was, spew everywhere.

I cried, I pleaded, but you know what?  My obsession eased, I still worked out, but not to the stupid expectations I had on myself.  I became reasonable.  Wise mind, maybe reasonable mind, but not emotional mind.

Looking back in hindsight it is easy to see what was going on.  We are climbing that thirties ladder and suddenly, oops, we are forty and gaining in age.  We panic, even if we don’t realize it.  Some of us go to my extremes, and some give up and overeat, over everything, and count their exercise calories as ones they can have as a bonus to eat and drink more, instead of using them as at least weight maintainers.

When I started to foster and adopt my eyes had to stop tuning in on what I wanted all of the time, and look at the world around me.  It didn’t change my excellent eating habits, or my love of cooking, it made me more balanced.  Have I gained a few and lost a few pounds over the years?  Yes!   We all do.  But I have not obsessed anymore or thought about the years passing, well, once I did, but that quickly passed.

I am turning sixty-six in a couple of short months, and frankly my darlings, I look great!  I still wear short shorts, I hike every morning with my amazing hubby, I still have the energy of about a thirty year old, and I don’t deprive myself.  I still have eight kids at home.

I learned a long time ago that I needed to look at myself “raw”.  Without the gloss over, but raw.  In the mirror, naked and not afraid.  Today I still like what I see.  I am not a vision of perfection, but I am a vision of a woman who has birthed four children, including having a C-section.  For those of you who have, yes, we have that famous baby smile forever.  And I am not a spring chicken, I am truly a woman.

I do not have to see caved in stomach with hip bones protruding (been there done that in my starvation period), but I see a great body that has a scar from childbirth, a few wrinkles around my eyes from all the expressions and laughter that I love to have, great collarbones, and great muscular arms.  Legs  a little too short, but I learned to love them because they carry me about 12,000 steps each day.  I see a strong body, a healthy body, still a size four on the up side, and if I wanted to be really dedicated and deprived, it could be on the down side.  I still wear and have the some of my favorite clothes from ten or fifteen years ago.

I don’t say this to brag, boast or gloat.  This is the body I was given and I have respected it for many years.  Your body may look curvier, skinnier, be a size 10 or 12, or even higher.  You may be a size 2 because you are very tiny.  What I am saying is, I don’t think I even had an issue or thought about my body until the media started to talk about it and make it a big deal.

Situations in life can make us forget to love our body, and we are in emotional mind, where overeating and all that goes with that happens.

I’d like to challenge you to think about where you are in your life at your age?  It may not be your body you want to change, it maybe that life has made you forget other areas of your life you need to get into wise mind about.  What does that look like for you?

I have personal belief that when we are happy, truly happy, operating in wise mind, or reasonable mind, not emotional mind, then it all works together for good.

I have a new program about to start.  Find your purpose, find your passion.  Is that YOU?   Email me.

Ta Ta For Now


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