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Would you like three things to help you smile and shine again?




I remember September of 1976 very well.

I was married, had two kids, and thought all was okay.

It wasn’t.

My ten-year relationship and six-year marriage blew up in a few minutes.

I was NOT a working mum (mom.)

I had given away my employment when I was pregnant with my first.

This was not in my plan.

The only skill I had was working as a professional actress/singer.

I didn’t think that was going to support me too well.  Or my kids.

Well, I was wrong.

The crisis became an opportunity because I believed in myself and my determination to move on and make it work.

I worked as one of those “here’s a taste of whatever” in supermarkets.

I worked the Pizza Hut till 3 a.m.

I sang for my supper.

My ex and my family did not support me.  Remember it was 1976.

How dare I shame the family with getting a divorce.

And welfare?  Ah almost non-existent.  Australia 1976.

I made my own next move.

I didn’t rely on anyone.

I didn’t have anyone.

Sound familiar?

Has your world crashed around you for some reason?

Are you wondering how you change feet and step up to provide?

This was not my only crisis, just my first one.

I want to smile, but, I know that would not be right for your situation.

I get it. Your current next move is out there somewhere.

You are not sure what to do.

It might be a relationship, it might be a job, it might be your weight.

I know so many women who gain weight because of a job or relationship failure.


I know so many women whose relationship or marriage fail and are stopped in their tracks.


I know some women who chase a dream, the dream crashes, and what now?

I know some persons struggling with identity.  Who am I? What am I here for?

Every one of these situations I have struggled with.  I have come through.

I am out the other side.  I know how to help you get out of that rut and make your next life-changing move.

You can make that move successfully, and shine while you are doing it.

What if I could give you three things to help you smile and shine again every day?

With these three small changes, you can make that move, get out and get going again.

Would you like a complimentary “ask me whatever you like” coaching session?

I would love to grab a virtual coffee and have a chat.

If that sounds like something that you would really like to do, just go here and that can be arranged for a time and day that suits you.



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