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Hey there, I’m Kate! I’m a Life Coach who helps women move on from past situations and make better choices. They’re sick of dealing with worry, finances, and letting their past interfere with their future.  I help them change their thinking to let go of the worry and the memories,  regain confidence, and find their genius talent to take control of moving and doing their goals for life.

Seven Essential Foundations + Seven Essential Oils!

Have you found yourself “stopped” on your journey?

Have you somewhat given up trying to achieve that purpose?

Are you sitting on your chair, just swinging around in a circle?

Are you looking at that swimsuit with dread?

Is that resume for the new job still sitting on your desk?

Have you given up on finding your perfect partner?

What is it that’s stopped you in your tracks?

What happened to your “mojo”

If you relate to any of those questions, then I have something really groundbreaking for you!

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